Circular Walks from Raglan

Raglan is situated in the heart of the beautiful Monmouthshire countryside with a number of local walks suitable for walkers of all ages and levels of fitness.

In conjunction with local landowners a series of circular walks have been identified from Raglan. Wherever possible attempts have been made to avoid any major road crossings.

The walks are waymarked yellow for statutory footpaths and white for permissive paths (most of these are in the process of being upgraded to statutory paths). Everyone has the right to walk a statutory footpath, but also has the obligation to cause no damage to farm crops, equipment or animals, so please follow the footpath code:

  • Keep to the marked paths whenever possible
  • Keep to single file when crossing cultivated fields
  • Keep dogs on leash or under close control in the vicinity of farm animals
  • Maintain a wide berth around cattle with young calves
  • Leave farm gates open/closed as found

Wear suitable footwear and clothes. It is also wise to carry a good stick to clear undergrowth, probe the depth of standing water and guard against farm animals.

Please ensure you know the route you are taking by using our walk narratives in conjunction with an O/S map or Raglan circular walk map.

Raglan Twinning Association are grateful for the assistance provided by John Bromley of 'Raglan Footpaths' in the creation of this website.

All walks are taken at your own risk.



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