RAGLAN CASTLE (about 2 hours, 3.5 miles)

Excellent views of Raglan Castle and glimpses of the Black mountains

The walk starts at Raglan Castle and follows the track north past the historic Castle Farm and then veers slightly to the west across pasture fields. As you cross the first style into the field you will see the artillery position from which 'the breach' was made that caused the surrender of the castle during the civil war. This battery can be seen today as a depression around the hill summit, below the water tank.

The second style brings you to the next field. The exit here is a rusty iron gate into the next field in which there is a footbridge (if you cannot see a footbridge it is either too foggy to walk or you have lost the path). The footbridge is a good 20 yards to the west of the statutory footpath so you need to return this distance to the east and continue north to another good style into the next field (the style is not clearly visable unless you cross back to the official path).

From this field there is another footpath leading east to the Artha Farm, but the Castle walk continues north  to the end of the field and then crosses by style into the adjacent field and continues north, through a farm gate into another field and north  along the hedgerow to a green lane, which  can be quite muddy. Turn left (West) onto the green lane, ignoring the fingerpost pointing east. The green lane leads slowly down through the woods to Pen y Parc lane, which is  followed south for 50 yards to a dogleg in the lane. From here it is back across arable fields (please remember to walk single file to avoid crop damage).

To cross the first field, find the redundant style by the fence and stride off in the direction of Raglan Castle (there should be  a visable  path through the field). From these fields there are the most  spectacular views of Raglan Castle and you can clearly see the terraces which were once part of the Castle's formal gardens. To cross  the field, aim at the waymarking post on the opposite side and then follow the field boundary towards the Castle to the next field. Again follow the field boundary  through the fields keeping close to the boundary to the A40 dual carriageway.

At this point turn east through a bramble thicket, over a stone bridge on an ancient lane and onto the Castle road and back to the Castle.

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