Twyn-y Sherriff ( about 1.5 hours, 3 miles )

An ancient stone cross, excellent views of Raglan village

The walk starts at the Beaufort Arms and follows up the High Street to the Crown Inn, then turns left, south along the Usk Road past the Baptist Chapel and the former Baptist Chapel opposite.

Where the old road meets the bypass, turn left. Approximately 50 yards along the road you will find an old stone bridge over the river Wilcae. Note the ancient carved inscription on the bridge. The route passes over the stone bridge and then heads west/right at a fingerpost across pasture fields, keeping the south bank of the Wilcae  until a field , where it crosses the river by footbridge and  then follows the north bank  in a westerly direction opening on to Broom lane at an ancient historic cross.

The route turns left onto the lane past Broom House, to the Usk Road (warning, this road can carry fast traffic) and follows south/right for 50 yards before turning into  Twyn- y Sherriff lane. After another 50 yards or so the path turns back towards Raglan at a fingerposted iron farm gate. There is a clear track across a couple of fields to a gate in the corner of the next field. From here the path follows the southern boundary of field for just over half its length and then takes a diagonal cut across the corner to a double style and sleeper bridge.

From  this style cross the field aiming for the opposite corner, which lies in a sharp dip in the ground. There is another double style into the next field . Turn left over the style which leads to another footbridge back over the Wilcae and emerges into Ethley Drive. Keep to the right and follow a cut-through to the Willows, which leads to Fayre Oaks.

Take a another right and this emerges onto the Chepstow Road  opposite the medical centre. Turn left to return to the Beaufort Arms.

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